David Friedemann [drums, keyboards]

Gregor Gantert [drums, keyboards]

Sven Graupner [guitar, bass]

Milan Greulich [guitar]  (since 2008)

Marco Sebastian Christ [keyboards, guitar]



With Noise Rock in the mind and Electronica as the new fascinating source of inspiration ne:o was founded in the year 2004 in Dresden, Germany as a quartet first. With easiness, passion and being nerds the four started to get into sounds and beats to create their specific songs. Soon they had enough material for the first two releases ne:omuzic (2004) and musikkritik (2005), which both came out on the netlabel tonAtom. In this time ne:o played a few nice concerts as well. From 2006 to 2008 the band hid away in the rehearsal room again to work on the third album illoj, which was released in early 2009 on aaahh-records.


Meanwhile a quintet, the band broke up surprisingly at the end of the same year after a little tour through Germany together with the friends from Keyboard Rebel. Later in 2011 a live album was published on both above-mentioned labels together called direkt. It's based on the recording of the band's very last concert.


The first 3 albums were released on CD (part-way very nice and handmade digipaks) as well. You can still get copies.