direkt was released both on tonAtom and aaahh-records in May 2011.

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 "the ne:o-show at the thalia cinema in dresden in december 2009 wasn't meant to be their farewell concert. the five musicians, having just finished a german tour with concerts in berlin, leipzig, köln and other cities, simply wanted it to mark the end of a year full of events. but the gig in front of a local dresden audience, reflecting the intimate atmosphere of the venue, a small cinema, turned out to be their last one until today.


ne:o played tracks from their highly praised album “illoj“ (2009), complemented with some pieces from the previous releases “ne:omuzic“ and “musikkritik“. luckily, a friend recorded the live performance. finally available, "direkt" demonstrates the ne:o approach of transfering their complex, mostly instrumental music to the stage – close to the elaborate and multilayered studio arrangements, but different and new as well. listening to it will surely make you want to play the previous ne:o-records again – and it lets us dare to hope that ne:o didn't say goodbye for good."  (Text: Milan Greulich)

ne:o's blogpost:

"Who remembers the winterly night of December the 17th of 2009 in Dresden, when we ne:os had been on stage for the last time?

The concert took place at the charming Thalia-Cinema and was featured by the Sunset-Mission. The small movie theater was nearly packed and on stage we wished for some space only to be able to stand. There was a strange atmosphere in this room. Nothing indicated a rock-concert to happen. The audience was busy to be very very quiet and waited for the music like spellbounded. And that's not enough: Outside we had the first snowfall of the winter. With the help from the friends of seven-inch the concert could be conserved. This audio-recording has been released as a live-album called "direkt" on our beloved netlabels aaahh-records and tonAtom. A happenstance which closes the loop: Those are now teamed, who supported us and our music in a very special way."